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Best quality of Katarni Chura available in the market. Has green colour texture and is extremely soft. Not your regular hard Chura. Delivered directly from Bhagalpur.

Katarni Chura is made of Katarni Chawal. Katarni Chawal is not just another variety of rice, with its unique aroma it is treated more as a local relish. This variety of rice is in a huge demand not just in the Bhagalpur district to which it is native to but also throughout the country. . It is believed that the aroma and the taste of Katrani Chawal, is the gift of the environment that is formed naturally in this district, as the same aroma and taste do not get replicated in the chawal made anywhere in the world. The rice is cooked on special occasions and served to in the homes of both the affluent and the commoners.


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