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Away from our native place ,forced for job,service and business well must have felt the distance from our roots ,cuisine ,identity and taste ..

Precisely ,this very thought and feeling gave birth to as to cater to our nostalgia ,recall and tradition .

It was not easy ,not is ,to bring to you your roots and taste to your new home ..But we are trying to keep you in continuing perch with your original place and calling .

We are adding more and more stuffs of traditional variety,make and essence ..Hope ,all of you think it's worth an effort and applause ..

The support,companionship has been overwhelming Patrons is for you ,itis for us and it's for me as well ..

Trust us for authenticity,genuinity ,originality and purity .

Keep your support because we are doing tilkutkhaja with all our resources ,dedication and commitment to further our traditionand even identity ..

U keep on updating the stocks arrival ,hope you like it even if sometimes it may irritate you ..sorry to some ,thanks to all .

Ghar se Ghar tak....




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